Junior Aspirin 2011

This version of In C was conceived, produced, arranged and mixed by Andy Bancroft Cooke and Tom Cobbe.

Invisible Polytechnic, are a loosely classical ensemble with world and experimental music influences, featuring custom-built analogue synthesiser Misty holding down a gradually changing musical pulse. In C was written in 1964 and is one of the major works of 20th-century classical music. Riley, along with Steve Reich, Philip Glass and La Monte Young was one of the founding fathers of minimalism – a musical movement away from the clutches of over-cerebral serial music of the 1950s, embracing repetition, process and consonant harmony.

Featuring Áine O’Dwyer, Mark Pilkington, Misty

“Large British ensemble scales the infinite peaks of Riley’s famed composition, carrying on the original’s sense of whimsical urgency and a polite yet curious air throughout both sides. Those expecting “new music ensemble”-type instrumentation and presence can breathe easily here, as Mark Pilkington and co. are not out to do more but present the exacting majesty of the piece in respectable terms, via a large chamber and choral ensemble. And in that sense, they win – indisputably. If you’ve never heard the piece, this and Riley’s original are good places to start, followed by the Styrenes’ version of it, and dead last, Acid Mothers Temple.”