Editing for Nathaniel Mellors’ acclaimed Ourhouse series. Episodes 1, 2, 3 and 4

Title theme composition and original music. All episodes. 2009-ongoing

Ourhouse is a five part film project written and directed by Nathaniel Mellors, featuring performances by Richard Bremmer, Gwendoline Christie, Johnny Vivash, Benedict Hopper, David Birkin and Brian Catling.

The film’s narrative presents a wealthy European family who are unexpectedly confronted by a mysterious manifestation, ‘The Object’, which suddenly appears in the living room of their country home. This imposing figure seems to have a profound effect on the conduct of each individual family member. At night ‘The Object’ eats pages from ideological texts, which it subsequently spits out again. Owing to this, the father figure, ‘Daddy’, changes radically from an elitist with liberal economic convictions, to someone who goes in search of collectivist ideals.

With a succession of word play, fragmentation and experimental dialogues, Mellors reveals how language can create a world all by itself, and at the same time falls short in facilitating human communication. Ourhouse hybridises aspects of TV drama, absurdist theatre and science fiction, drawing inspiration from popular icons of cinema and theater, while making pointed observations about language, cultural appropriation and power structures.

The Ourhouse series commenced production in 2009, with the latest episode completing production in 2016.